Blogger Brethren

(Photos blatantly stolen and used without permission!)

Here I am posing with my two best friends in all the world. These photos were taken at our high school reunion recently, and I have been meaning to post on these two gents.

To the left is Rick, whom I have known since 1983. We met as freshmen in Coach Payne's P.E. class. We went from casual acquaintances to fast friends to brothers in Christ. All in one semester! To this day, he remains a mainstay in my crazy life. Rick challenges me. He makes me want to be a better husband, father, pastor, and friend. Even though he is not a wrestling fan, I treasure our friendship and our mutual affection for caffeine.

On the right is James. I first met him in 1975. We were in the same second grade class, something was said about Star Trek, and we have been inseparable ever since. Our friendship has crossed state lines and stood the test of time. He stood as best man at my first wedding, and he was present at the births of all of my children. He spoke at my ordination, and he never forgets my birthday. We share a deep love for science fiction, film, baseball, football, single malt scotch, and a good cigar every few years, among many other things, including a number of long kept secrets known only between us. For three decades, I have called this man friend, and also brother. I realize that a friendship like ours is extremely rare, and I am all the more thankful for it.

My, the stories with which we will regale our grandchildren one day!


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