So Long, Old Friend

Today we said goodbye to a very dear friend: our Golden Retriever, Levi. He and I were on our morning walk as always, and as we rounded the corner to come back into the house, he suffered a stroke and collapsed. He could not get back up. Tracy and I were able to get him up long enough for me to carry him into the house. He was a big dog at 116 lbs. After that I took him to the vet and there was nothing that could be done for him. He just went to sleep with Tracy and I at his side. He was 14 years old.

Levi was with us for just over 2 years. We rescued him from a terribly abusive situation and saw to it that he lived like a king in the twilight years of his life. I have had dogs over the years, but this one got into my heart more than any other. As terrible as his life was before, he was always so sweet and loving. Even the cats loved him. They were never afraid of him. The worst thing I can say about Levi is that he had a tendency to sneak into the cat food when our backs were turned. Never before have I seen such a sweet spirit in a dog. I will miss him with all my heart, and we will never forget Levi nor the joy he brought into our family.


Rick said…
Can tell that he'll be missed. One of those things where you hope there's a place in heaven for the pets we actually liked, you know?

You'll have to fill the void, be the big slobbering animal sneaking into the cat food :) with much love.
James said…
My sympathies.

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