Is there a doctor in Walterboro?

We are now on Day Three of Tracy's hospital stay, and we still don't know anything. I have talked to nurses and nurse practitioners, but I have yet to talk to anyone with an "M.D." beside their name. It is like going to a mechanic for an oil change then being told by the lady at the counter that you need a new transmission.

Tracy is resting well and being treated with antibiotics and clear liquids. Families from the church have arranged to bring dinner each night that Tracy is hospitalized, which means that the kids won't be eating poptarts and cereal three times a day. As far as housekeeping, well, why make a bed if you're just going to get back in it later....?


Anonymous said…
why is it that the doctor is elevated so? I mean are they there at the bedside providing all the care?
I often wonder that while caring for a critically ill patient, keeping vigil at their bedside for 12 hours and hear the grateful family thank the dco for taking such great care of their loved one.
The doc, even in a the critical unit I work in spends maybe 10 minutes at the bedside. I reassure parents of my patients that they should worry if the doc is there longer because it means very bad news rather than worry that the doc isn't there.
Hope Tracy is better and out of the hospital very very soon.

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