Last night was the inauguration of Youth Sundays at Evergreen. We have been wanting to do this for a long time. I have happily pushed for this Sunday night service for youth and children, and our first one was a big success in many ways.

The older teenagers' lesson was about trusting God. Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Allie did a phenomenal job. In fact, they did so well, that for a brief moment I felt like I was in Frank W.'s class back in my youth group 23 years ago. The material was great, the games were fun, and I was challenged. Perhaps more than I bargained for.

You see, I have a beef with God lately. The lesson point was, "We can always trust God, no matter what." I did not verbalize my beef, but took it to God later, as I have been doing in my quiet moments. My beef is this:

Do I really believe God can be trusted? My beef is that I am struggling with that question lately. I believe that I can trust Him with BIG things. It's the little things I am having problems trusting Him with...well sometimes.

For example, why can I pray for a good parking spot at Walmart and get it, but when I pray for the Packers to win, they lose. In fact NONE of the teams I pray for ever have a winning season. What does this mean? The other day, I prayed for an ailing church member in the hospital, and he passed away within 48 hours. I'm serious.

How can one trust in God, when He only answers certain prayers, while seeming indifferent about other ones? This is where I am in my walk with God.

To be continued....


Rick said…
I avoid Walmart like the plague, so can't help you there. The Packers just suck, so no real help there either. But who are you to say God didn't answer prayer? You didn't want that outcome - but you had no real power yea or nay, so you had to ask. God's answer was something different than you asked, maybe, just like you answer your kids with something different than they ask. You know this already, and I suspect it's not your real beef...?

Your real question isn't why He doesn't answer - it's why He answers the way He does.
Todd said…
Ok...are we cranky from our trip? I thought asking questions was ok here. Stay tuned for the continuation.
Rick said…
You know me - asking questions is always okay. Just don't hide behind one set of easy ones to avoid the real ones, ok? :)

Cranky?!? Who's cranky?!?!?!
Todd said…
Sometimes you and I say the same thing but with different words. "Cranky" means "well-rested." :o)

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