Happy 40th Anniversary

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not Star Trek fanatic. I was born the year after the original series launched, and so I have only been able to enjoy the syndication reruns.

The Star Trek universe is where I would like to live, I think. No prejudice, no poverty, and highly advanced toys. I have always been intrigued by the view of the our present though the eyes of the Star Trek of the 60's. Apparently, in 1999, we blew ourselves to smithereens in WWIII. I'm glad the series was not prophetic in that regard.

Gene Roddenberry had a vision of a better world that was not so far from our reach. But have we listened? What other than cool pocket gadgets and desktop computers have we taken from Trek? Is there still prejudice and poverty? Is there world cooperation? I think Roddenberry would be disappointed that we have not totally embraced his vision of a better universe.

Maybe it will take another 40 years.


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