Back to Reality, but Well Rested

Tracy and I got home last night from our trip to Carolina Beach. We had an absolutely wonderful visit with my Wisconsin relatives, and my cousin Ben's wedding was beautiful. After the wedding, we ate dinner at a very nice restaurant. When I received my bill, it was only $3.75. Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen paid for all of our meals. I paid for 2 iced teas.

For me, personally, being around other Vicks was a nice treat. Being with them reminds me of my heritage. In the last few years, I have learned the history of my family, and it gives me a sense of deep personal security to know my family roots. It also gives me something to share with my own children.

Only one thing was missing from this amazing weekend: my Dad. I had the honor of saying the blessing before our big dinner after the wedding. Before I did that I proposed a toast to my father. The response that it received told me that I was clearly not the only one who felt his absence. I heard even more new and funny stories about Dad. I never knew that he also aspired to be a professional wrestler at one time!

It is good to be home, but when Tracy and I drove out of Carolina Beach yesterday, I left a huge part of my heart behind. Not surprisingly, so did Tracy. She fit right in with my clan. I never doubted that she would.


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