Ernesto Hoopla

Here in Walterboro, we are about an hour from the coast of Charleston, SC, where Ernesto was expected to hit today. The local schools were closed today, and the local Walmart was "ransacked" by overly cautious consumers purchasing batteries, water, bread, generators, flashlights, transistor radios, walkie-talkies, and, of course, milk, which in the event of a power loss, would spoil. So much for cereal. In the wake of the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and the fact that our Governor is in a re-election campaign, I believe that we have once again overreacted.

Even as I write, there has only been a slight intermittent drizzle of rain off and on through the day, but no storm. No cloudburst or even a slight gust of wind. Yet they closed the schools!

I am originally from Wisconsin, where they don't even close the schools for blizzards, much less a drizzle of rain.

Were this an actual emergency, I would not want to be a Walmart employee. On the bright side, there will be a nice sale next week of used batteries, generators, flashlights, walkie-talkies, water, bread, and cartons of half-used milk. Boo yah!


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