End Transmission

I blogged a few days ago about out transmission going out on our minivan. The van itself has been sitting parked and quite useless in the front yard for several days now. Tracy and I have been making due with our one other vehicle. I believe we are very spoiled, and so I have embraced this as a character builder. Many families out there have only one vehicle. Each day I see a lot of people who walk to and from their jobs. They seemingly have NO vehicle. So I think we have settled fairly well into "one vehicle family" mode. We simply cannot replace a transmission right now. The funds are just not there. We only live a block or so away from the children's school, so walking is not out of the question. We live in a nice neighborhood. No worries.

Last night at our Christian Men's Fellowship (CMF) meeting, I was told that the men had taken up a collection and have arranged to have our van towed to a mechanic with whom they have made arrangements to replace our transmission. They told me that it should be ready by next weekend. It will not cost us one cent. Once again, I am totally overwhelmed.

Call me deeply spiritual, deeply naive, or deeply insane, but I still believe that God can do anything. I also believe that I am very blessed to be associated with this group of people at Evergreen Christian Church. Since day one, they have been like one big collective hug to me and Tracy and our brood. May the Lord extend extra special grace to each of these dear saints of His.


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