Back to School

Lately I have been in a blog funk...not much to write about. So, once again, I have borrowed an idea from Rick which has inspired a thought or two.

Summer vacation is almost over. All of my kids are starting new schools this year. To answer Rick's question, I always looked forward to the first day of school. Summer vacation had a way of "wiping the slate clean" from the previous school year. Every year was an open door into a new world of possibilities. New friends, new teachers, and new subjects.

At the same time, there was a reunion with old friends, along with new memories to create.

I confess to always being somewhat sad when the school year ended. Summer vacation was never all that exciting to me.

I am thankful that in the same way that the first day of school is a new start, each day is filled with the promise that God's "mercies are new each morning." Likewise, each day is filled with new possibilities, and opportunities to make a difference.

Who knows, I just might attend my 20 year reunion this year after all.


Rick said…
not me. hated first day of school. whatever excitement might've been teasing me before was long gone by the time first bell rang. only thing worse was second day of school, usually because the homework's starting and it was full on 'til next summer.

best day of school: day before Christmas break. now we're talkin'.
Chuck said…
You BETTER attend the reunion, or I am coming to your church...

With Pictures of you when you were in High School!

Todd said…
I'll be there! Stand down, Carlos!

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