Weekend Forecast

Today is my first official "day off" as the pastor of Evergreen Church. Tracy and I are going to use this day to really finish moving in. I anticipate at least two major trips to the local recycling center (fancy way of saying trash dump). Our new home is really growing on me. We have a beautiful yard, at least 2 acres. The house is solid brick, and we have plenty of room for everyone. With all respects to my lifelong pal Rick, I will never complain about the humidity in Columbia ever again. Here in Walterboro, only 45 minutes from the ocean, the humidity levels are off the charts. The other day it was 92 degrees with a heat index of 106!

Tonight we are meeting with the "PrimeTimers," the young adult group at church. These people are incredible. Typically in a church like Evergreen, there are an abundance of senior adults and youth, while the Gen-Xers like me are uninvolved. Not so. The PrimeTimers are a very active and effective group.

Tomorrow night we are heading to Beech Island, SC for the WFJ Annual Awards Banquet. I hear I am up for the "Klutz of the Decade" Award! By the way, WFJ is going to be on TV starting in August. We will have an hour a week broadcast in the Augusta area. I guess I'd better drop 30 pounds and shine up my boots.

Then of course we have Sunday worship to look forward to. I am beginning a three (or four) week series called, "Vision Checkup." At the end of the series, I intend to cast a fresh vision that I believe the Lord has given for us. More on that later.

All in all a great weekend. Now if someone could just turn down the humidity...


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