VBS Kick-off

Last night was our first VBS with the Evergreen Church family. I was extremely impressed with our church and the way that they have taken the reins of the most important outreach event of the year. It ran like a well-oiled machine.

I had a great time teaching the adults. I have not laughed so hard since I have been in Walterboro! Thank you to everyone who shared their "Embarrassing Stories."

When I lived in Columbia, I lived just a couple of miles down the road from the Barnyard Flea Market. I was devastated to hear of a gang-related shooting there this past Saturday. I hope it is the last.

Saturday was also disappointing in that I missed the WFJ banquet. My stomach was not cooperating with a "Bubba Burger" I had had the night before. I was to present four awards. Major bummer.

Sunday worship was phenomenal. The worship service and VBS Kick-off, along with Friday night's Primetimers gathering, were the bookends of a tremendous weekend.


Rick said…
glad to hear you guys doing well and hooking into the local ambience and decor :). don't worry about missing out - i'm sure the rasslin' will find you.

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