Our Priorities Are &$%#!

Amazing. It bedazzles me what an uproar of water cooler discussions has risen from an expletive uttered by our president. So the guy used profanity. He's a Texan. He's human.

The real story is that many of our nation's finest are still in the middle east defending our way of life. There are babies that have been born in the US who haven't met their Daddys yet because he is fighting for our country. There are Moms and Dads keeping the home fires burning all alone waiting for their loved one to come home from a war that I believe we have forgotten why we are fighting.

We are the greatest country in the world. We have the greatest news coverage that there is, and the best we can do is report that the leader of the free world said a "wurdy durd." There is much more profanity on network TV. Kids are being exposed to it more and more. Why not report on this?

America, it's time we grew up.


I have to admit bro, when I heard the sound bite from that I actually was glad. Shows him as a regular human being.
Todd said…
I'm with you, sir. At least he's not playing house with interns.

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