We are in the process of packing our belongings in preparation for a July 1st move. Yesterday I discovered a box of photos which I had not seen in quite awhile. I had forgotten just how long my hair used to be!

I guess it just really hit me yesterday that I am literally packing away old memories and creating new ones. I also found some pictures of my Dad which I had forgotten I had. With this being Father's Day weekend, I suppose I am a bit melancholy.

On the one hand, I am blessed. I am a Dad, and I have the most awesome children. On the other, I am a bit sad that my Dad or even my Grandpas never got to meet my kids, and vice versa. I miss them all very much. The other day I heard my Grandma's voice on a tape recording I found in a box. She was cheering for me. She always was. I miss her a lot.

Change has always been hard for me, too. I hate moving. I really do. I guess it is a necessary evil.

One final note: I have decided to let my hair grow long again.


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