Midweek Milestone

Yesterday was my children's last full day of school for the year. Actually it was their last full day at that school. They are moving up to the middle school next year. Yikes!

I was able to attend the Awards Day at their school, see my daughters get their awards (Katie--Citizenship, Jenna--Honor Roll), and then spend the rest of the morning and afternoon with them and their friends at school.

My daughter Katie has two best friends. It is amazing to watch how much they really love her as a friend. They are like "peas and carrots." It is also amazing that even though they sometimes don't act like it, my daughters are best friends too. They are seldom away from each other, even at school.

I have to admit, seeing them with their friends made me realize how blessed I have been in the friend department. My best friend since second grade is still my very best friend today. In fact, we are beyond friendship; he is my family. Furthermore, I have pretty well gone on record regarding my feelings about my high school chums.

It will be interesting to see if Katie can sustain her friendships for the next 20-30 years, as I have been able to with Jay and the others. She is off to a great start.

Proverbs 17:17---"A friend loveth at all times..."


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