20 Year Reunion

Friday I had the joy of hanging out with my best friends in all the universe, minus Alan, who was there in spirit and in song.

For the first time in at least two decades, I was in the same room with Jay, Rick, Chuck, and George. We gathered at my hacienda, watched one of many movies we made while we were in High School, ate pizza and popcorn, and laughed.

As we were all sitting together, I had a moment of quiet nostalgia. These guys really, truly are, my very best friends. After all these years, it was as if we were still back in school, only now we have much less hair and much more weight between us. Twenty years, plus wives and kids, and yet the bond that was formed way back when is still very much intact.

Let's not wait another twenty years to do it again.

By the way, Alan, your soundtrack was brilliant, as always.


Rick said…
the joy and gastritis was all ours, my friend :)

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