A Special Day

Today is special to me. I am 23 years old today. I am talking "spiritual years" of course. On this day in 1983, I invited Jesus Christ into my heart. Every year on this day, I like to do two things.

1) Go and visit the spot where it happened, which is in front of Trinity Baptist Church.
2) Thank the two people most responsible for it happening, my dear friend Rickwell, and my SS teacher, Frank Ward. It is worth mentioning that the Kirks had a great deal to do with my spiritual enrichment and my getting turned on to Christ before I met these two brothers.

I have thanked them publicly and privately over the years, though not every year, lest it become redundant. But this year I feel the need, so to Frank and Rick, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring so much for my eternal destiny, and for showing me Jesus from day one. I will never forget it.

No need to send presents for this birthday.


Rick said…
well, i'm glad i offered that coffee earlier this evening then, sir.
Chuck said…
Happy New Birthday Todd!!

Todd said…
It was a fine cup of coffee at that, Rickwell. Thanks again!
James said…
Rick and Frank have meant a lot to many of us...

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