Resurrection Sunday

What a great weekend we had in Walterboro with our Evergreen Christian Church family! The kids are exhausted, and Mom and Dad are shredded, but it was all worth it. There were almost 100 in worship this morning! That is the highest attendance since I started there! My message was from Romans 6:1-14 on "Living the Resurrected Life." The final part of the series ties it all together with "Living the Exchanged Life." I am looking forward to continuing this series.

Enjoy some snapshots of our weekend:


nice, I think I can tell which are your kids and which are tracy's
Todd said…
Blonde ones are all mine, and that is no blonde joke!
Rick said…
looks like fun - how's it going in the bustling burg of walterboro?!?
Todd said…
They are seemingly as anxious for us to come as we are to get there. Much work to be done, and we would only be 45 minutes from the beach!

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