Spring Fever

This weekend, the time changes (spring forward), baseball season starts, Wrestlemania comes on pay-per-view, and I start an Easter sermon series. Today is absolutely beautiful, and I have finally contracted Spring Fever. Spring Fever breeds another illness, Spring Cleaning. As well as around the house, I am wanting to "spring clean" some personal areas as well.
  • I want to/need to lose at least 35 pounds. I feel tired all the time, and I do not sleep well. Exercising and shedding this weight will be a good start toward feeling better again.
  • I would like to take my wife on a vacation. Even if it is just a weekend. No kids, no cats, no dogs, no worries. Both of us need one badly. Any suggestions?
  • I want to be more spiritual. I want to be sure that my wife and kids see the same person the people at church see.

A couple of years ago on a day like this I would have taken a long ride on the Harley. I love Spring. Fresh air, filled with pollen. I also love Allegra.


Tracy said…
I hope to be feeling it soon too. Yeah, we do need a vacation.
James said…
I would offer to watch the kids, but packing them all up on a plane to Seattle would not be economical.
Todd said…
Thank you , kindly, but our friendship is too valuable to tarnish it with turning you loose onto the "Six Pack."
Rick said…
"spring fever" apparently means "it's way too pretty outside to be blogging at a PC" :)

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