An Open Letter to George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President:

During the horrible events of 9/11, our nation saw, for the first time in a long time, how a President should be. We were afraid, and we felt violated, and you were there to comfort us and reassure us. During the aftermath of that fateful day, we saw a leader in you. There were no party lines, we were one nation, and you were our President. We told our children, "We're going to be OK, President Bush is taking care of us." Mr. President, thank you for helping us cope with 9/11. We needed you, and you were there.

What has happened to you, sir? I watched your State of the Union the other night, and I was perplexed. Where has my President gone? I know you are not up for re-election, but you are still the President, right? Your speech was strictly political. I was disappointed. I voted for you both times, and I did so joyfully. But I was dismayed that my President has seemingly lost a very important quality: the American spirit.

You see, sir, America is great. We are the greatest nation in the world, perhaps in history. Do you know why that is? Do you remember? We are great because we refuse to be oppressed by tyranny. Been there, done that as a nation. This refusal to be dictated to or oppressed by a foreign enemy is defined as "The American Spirit." It is what defines us as the United States of America. During 9/11, you exemplified and embodied that spirit, and we as a nation would have followed you anywhere.

Mr. President, I cannot imagine doing your job. I wouldn't make it. And I do not purport to know how to tell you how to run the greatest nation on earth. However, I do insist that you do, in fact, run this country. You, sir, not the popularity polls. Whether we will admit it as a nation or not, we need you. More than ever, in the history of our nation, we need a President with the fortitude to stand in the face of the polls and your critics and do what you know is right. We have seen you do it already. Don't stop, sir. You are still our leader, and we need you.

With great and sincere admiration, I remain, most humbly yours,

Todd R. Vick
Lexington, SC, USA


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