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Proud Dad Moment

My 12 year old son recently took the SAT. He scored higher in math than 61% of college bound high school seniors.

My total SAT score as a high school senior was 710. I don't test well.

Tagged--7 Things

I've been tagged by Monkey Boy.

Seven things to do before I die:

1) Jump out of an airplane.
2) Be financially independent.
3) Own another Harley.
4) Finish my Master's Degree.
5) Win the WFJ Championship.
6) See Manilow in Vegas.
7) Travel a lot.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

1) Express anger and tell people what I really feel.
2) Dance.
3) Keep a tan.
4) Algebra.
5) Plumbing.
6) Understand the female of the species.
7) Play the piano.

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Mate:

1) Her smile.
2) Her eyes.
3) Her laugh.
4) Her spirit.
5) Her compassion.
6) Her sense of humor.
7) Her spaghetti.

Seven Things I Say:

1) What up homes?
2) Moron!
3) Yo, yo, YO!
4) Peace out!
5) ______'s in the house!
6) Turn that music down!
7) No running in the house, please!

Seven People Tagged:

Don't know anymore...sigh.

A Neri Death Experience

Faithful Godfather fans will be saddened by this news report.

I always thought it would have been Clemenza...

Say hello to my little woman!

Give my baby a shout on her blog; she has put some good stuff out there. Show some love, etc., etc.

Website update

Check out the recent updates on the Sound Quest website. Don't laugh at my baby picture, either! This is truly one of the coolest jobs I have ever had. I will soon be making my Karaoke debut.

Note to Tony Bennett: your job is NOT in jeopardy!

I am SO old!

Last night I co-DJ'd a high school dance at a private school here in Columbia. I didn't know ANY of the music we played, and I was APPALLED at the way the kids are dancing. My wife was not surprised when I told her what they were doing. Apparently she is far more "hip" than I realized.

I have about 10 years of music and culture to catch up on if I am going to be a good DJ.

Meanwhile, I am going to lock up my daughters until they are 35.

If my life were "Happy Days," I would be Howard Cunningham. When did this happen? Will I ever be hip?

Remembering Dad

Richard Duane Vick April 26, 1938 - February 14, 1992

My Valentine

I have the most awesome wife. My blog is replete with special photos and tributes to Tracy, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I wanted to offer yet another fitting tribute to my sweetie.We have been together for two years now, and every day she amazes me more. She and I really complement each other. Where I fall short, she excels, and vice versa. We read each other so well. We know what the other needs without having to ask. You will not find a more compassionate and understanding person as Tracy, and you could not ask for a better friend. She is loyal and trustworthy, a rare find nowadays. Tracy, thank you for what we have, what we have had so far, and what we will yet have together. The best is still yet to come.I love you and I always will.

Lord, I need patience...NOW!

I have a confession to make. I am a big fan of Spongebob. There just aren't any good cartoons on anymore. If it weren't for TV Land, I probably wouldn't watch TV at all anymore.

One of my favorite Spongebob episodes is "Club Spongebob," where Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are unwittingly thrust into a kelp forest with no food or shelter. All they have is the "Magic Conch" a parody of the old "Magic 8 Ball." They ask the Magic Conch what they have to do to get out of the kelp forest, and the Conch answers, "Nothing." So Patrick and Spongebob sit down catatonically and do nothing, much to Squidward's dismay.

While Squidward constructs a makeshift camp and dines on bugs, an airplane from the Picnic Supply Co. is diving to its doom and ejects its cargo. The cargo is a picnic feast with all the trimmings, and it lands all neat and tidy in front of Spongebob and Patrick. They give credit where it is due, "Praise the Magic Conch,…

Movie Review: The Legend of Zorro

Booooooooo! I've seen bad sequels, but this one was just pure evil. Antonio Banderas, who rocked in the Mask of Zorro, carried the Desperado series, and absolutely capitivated us in Assassins opposite Stallone, flopped in Legend of Zorro. I have been waiting and waiting for this sequel, and did it ever burst my bubble! What a tub-dumper!

The Legend of Zorro, other than having no plot, continuity, or acting talent, wasn't a total waste of an afternoon. Catherine Zeta-Jones' fake Spanish accent was a real hoot.

Bottom line: if you decide to rent this film, keep your mask on in the video store. You would better enjoy George Hamilton as Zorro: The Gay Blade.

Super Bowl XL Afterglow

As a young child I recall routing for the Steelers. Bradshaw, Swann, Stallworth, Harris, and Mean Joe Greene were the icons of the era.

Last night I wanted the Seahawks to win. Seattle is one of my favorite cities, and Holmgren is one of my favorite coaches. It was nice to see the Steelers pull out another Super Bowl victory, and I think Seattle showed up to play, but just couldn't make the big plays without a penalty. Poor teamwork and a lack of concentration hurt the day for the Seahawks.

Football just isn't what it used to be. Stadiums didn't have roof that you could open and close. If it was hot or cold outside, you dressed accordingly and sat through the game. It was nice to see homage paid to MVPs of the past like Bart Starr and Roger Staubach. Bart Starr led the Packers to victory in snow and ice many a time. Green Bay invented the Super Bowl!

Don't even get me started on the commercials. Seems like millions of dollars could have been better spent.

I'm done rant…

An Open Letter to George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President:

During the horrible events of 9/11, our nation saw, for the first time in a long time, how a President should be. We were afraid, and we felt violated, and you were there to comfort us and reassure us. During the aftermath of that fateful day, we saw a leader in you. There were no party lines, we were one nation, and you were our President. We told our children, "We're going to be OK, President Bush is taking care of us." Mr. President, thank you for helping us cope with 9/11. We needed you, and you were there.

What has happened to you, sir? I watched your State of the Union the other night, and I was perplexed. Where has my President gone? I know you are not up for re-election, but you are still the President, right? Your speech was strictly political. I was disappointed. I voted for you both times, and I did so joyfully. But I was dismayed that my President has seemingly lost a very important quality: the American spirit.

You see, sir, America is great…