Top Five Friday Challenge

The Reverend of the Cubicles posted a blog today that I'd like to match. My top five songs that I like, but might not admit it (until today) are:

1) Dean Martin, Ain't That a Kick in the Head. A classic.
2) Gino Vanelli, I Just Wanna Stop. A grossly overlooked talent from the 80s.
3) Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Juliet Overture. Gives me chills every time.
4) Barry White, My First, Last, Everything. The old fox show, Ally McBeal, paid the master of soul his due. If you can't seduce a woman with Barry White, you may as well give it up, pal!
5) Foghat, Slow Ride. Musically speaking, my 7 year old could have written it, but man, it rocks. The live version is amazing. Ok, I am showing my age. 70s rock was raw and needed no spandex, grunge, or big hair. Just talented musicians, on drugs, layin' it down.

Cube Rev, love the new blog look, by the by.


James said…
I love the Dino tune, too... but I am surprised at the total lack of Old Blue Eyes on your list, not to mention The Boys or Manilow.
Todd said…
You misunderstand, sir. The boys, the Chairman, and Barris would be on the list of those that I would most proudly admit liking. As a card carrying member of the BMIFC, I would never shun Manilow!
Tracy said…
Isn't that the truth. For a guy, He's a major Manilow fan.
The fact that you listed aly mcbeal alone is pure cheese.
Todd said…
A. McBeal is one of the most brilliant shows ever made. Right behind Seinfeld and Sanford and Son.

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