A Perfect Day

Today's post almost sounds like the title to a children's story, and maybe it is. Yesterday was in many ways, a "perfect" day for me, Tracy, and the bunch.

I preached at a church in Walterboro, SC yesterday. It was my third time there, and I have really come to love these folks. Some of my cousins and my aunt Salli visited and it was a great service. I would love to go back there again.

After church we spent the day at my cousin Jody's horse ranch. Here in Suburbia, my kids have a nice fenced in backyard, but this is nothing compared to the 40-plus acres they were able to roam yesterday. After a nice Sunday dinner, I watched my kids play. I watched them chase chickens, feed horses, climb hay bales, and get really, really dirty. I watched my wife run barefoot in what is most certainly her element. I listened to the peace and quiet, save for the sounds of my laughing offspring.

The weather was sunny and mild. Absolutely gorgeous. The air was fresh and crisp. Breathing was never so pleasant.

By late afternoon, the kids were winding down, and I had spent the day catching up with my extended family. I also made a new friend.

We will certainly go back, and hopefully have another perfect day.


James said…
Would you not agree that serving up barbecue and near-death experiences in cars with Deming and Lace qualifies as a different sort of perfect day, but a perfect day nonetheless?
Todd said…
Not perfect, but a "Holy Moley" kind of day.
You really do live in hickville don't you todd? How's the training for the ring going?
Todd said…
The training is going very well. I have an apptmt wth my Doctor on Feb 8, and I expect to be cleared for moderate in-ring action.
by the way man, you still owe me a guest blog

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