Top 5 Christmas TV Traditions

There are five programs/movies that put me in the Yuletide spirit each and every year. Here they are, as always, in no particular order:

1) It's A Wonderful Life
2) Home Alone 1 & 2
3) Die Hard
4) Star Trek: Generations (Picard's Nexus experience is so Dickens-esque)
5) The Charlie Brown Christmas

Without these, it just ain't Christmas for me. Care to share yours?


Rick said…
* christmas vacation - on tv tonight, the network/editted version that's ok to laugh at :)
* a christmas story - all night long on christmas eve
* gladiator - coming on tnt this year on christmas eve, might be added to the repertoire
Wendy said…
I've never seen the Home Alone films. I personally am a The Ref kinda gal. My husband must watch the Grinch every Christmas. And he recites it as he watches it. Makes me crazy.

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