Sunday School Moments

Today our Sunday School class talked about Jesus. We are studying the "Doctrinal Tenets" of the Christian faith, that is to say, "What We Believe and Why." Today we looked at what the Bible says about Jesus, and somehow managed to encapsulate it into a 45 minute lesson.

We focused mainly on Jesus as Savior. 30 of the 45 minutes dwelled on the fact that we are saved FROM sin. Saved from sin, yes, but then what? I kept waiting and waiting for the "Saved TO" part. Being saved from sin, and as numerous people interjected, being "drawn to the cross," is not all there is. That is only half the gospel.

I believe we should be drawn to the cross first, and then over to the empty tomb, the other half of the gospel. A lot of men were crucified in the days of our Lord. Seeing Jesus only for His death makes Him no different than any other common criminal. Of all those who were crucified and died, only one rose again, Jesus.

Saved from sin should be followed with being saved to life. A life empowered by grace. A life where there is now no more condemnation. A life where God's wrath and judgement are no longer an issue. A life of joy and fruitful growth. A life where we don't HAVE TO please God by our works, but where we do good works because He is already pleased with us.

So many churches are full of people who came to the cross, but missed the empty tomb. The are powerlessly trying to get through life, doing the best they can, and hoping it's good enough to keep God from being angry at them. They are defeated, when in fact they are on the winning team.

God is still working this out in me. With the help of His word, the Holy Spirit, and a couple of caring friends, I am daily working out my salvation.


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