So long, November

I am in kind of a reflective mood today. December always does that to me. Last night I chatted with James for about an hour. I miss him terribly. I have friends here, to be sure, but a friendship like this only comes once in a lifetime.

December holds a lot of memories, too. Some good, some not.
  • My birthday is in December. Once I hit 30, I quit counting.
  • My first wife and I separated in December.
  • Two dear friends of mine passed away in December.
  • Then, of course, there's Christmas. Most people don't realize that Jesus was not actually born on December 25. Scholars believe it was actually around April.

I am sitting here at my desk, listening to the "Hurricane Hero," Harry Connick, Jr. sing Christmas songs, thinking about a lot of things. My eyes have actually teared up a couple of times. Just one of those reflective days.


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