New Year's Mayhem with a Message

December 31st, 7:00 pm, Lexington, SC at the Chapel of Redemption, WFJ is in the house! I know for certain that Matt Cruz will be defending his World Heavyweight title against the infamous T-Money. I also have it on good information that there might even be a special appearance by Todd Matrixx, who was sidelined in March of this year with a broken arm at the hands of Dynamite Dave and Hollywood Inc. Matrixx has not yet been medically cleared for in-ring action, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a little mayhem up his sleeve...

The Chapel of Redemption is located at 5181 Platt Springs Road in Lexington. Go to Mapquest for directions. The show will be finished by 9:00 pm, so you will still have plenty of time for other New Year's festivities.

I will post more as I hear more about what other superstars will be in Lexington on December 31st.


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