I've been tagged!

Tagged by Rick - Write 5 random facts about yourself, and then list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect.

1) I have a collection of baseball, football and basketball cards dating back to the early 70s.
2) My mother has the Beatle's first album, in its original form, in good condition.
3) The original spelling of my last name was Wiik. It was changed to its current spelling in the 1860s. My ancestors were from Norway.
4) I ate Bruschetta at The Bistro last night.
5) I have seen Die Hard 122 times.

I tag Tracy, Jenna, Christi, James, and Jayuff


Rick said…
die hard - great christmas flicks.
I just found out a year ago that we pronouce our nast name wrong, the e at the end isn't silent. go figure.

Oh and WWE is going to be having manditory drug testing (allegedly) from now on. Are we going to see a bunch of wrestlers shrink?
Todd said…
One wrestler, Eugene (Nick Dinsmore), has already been removed from the roster because of drug use. It is nice that Eddie Guerrero's untimely death has laid the groundwork for this new mandatory testing. Should have already been doing it.
James said…
OK, I have posted my tag.

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