Buddy Begins with "B"

The "B" Brian James and Me

One of my favorite WFJ wrestlers and a valued friend is known as the "B" Brian James. How I met this man is quite a story, which I am happy to share here.

One day I was reading my email, and I received one from Brian James, asking me to look at the WFJ website. I am on numerous pastor's lists and still receive emails from various ministries looking for support. I usually delete them (sorry). But I visited the WFJ website at his request and was amazed. What amazed me most was an invitation to participate. I emailed him right away. He called me and the rest is history.

I don't think either of us expected that I would botch a fall and break my arm.

The "B" Brian James is actually just a cool guy named Brian. He is a big guy with a huge heart. He only knows two things really well, Jesus and wrestling. He can talk for hours about either one. He has an amazing testimony, and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the WFJ locker room loves this man. In the photo above, Brian is receiving the award for "Most Christlike" at the WFJ Banquet this past July. He was surprised, nobody else was. The guy just oozes Christlikeness. He calls me at least weekly just to see how I'm doing. He actually calls just about everyone on the roster.

I expect great things from this young man; I am proud to call him friend.


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