Quantum Bleep

My co-worker recommended a movie to me called, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" Check out the site if you dare. www.whatthebleep.com

The movie is a combination of a poorly developed storyline mixed with most of the lectures I slept through in college. At the end of the movie, I found myself asking, "What the bleep was this about?"

Bleep deals with the human brain and quantum mechanics. As a devoted Star Trek fan, I have done my own research on quantum mechanics, and for what its worth, I was in agreement with the scholars from the film, with the exception of the chubby blond lady who claimed that we are all God. Poppycock.

The film's premise that we create our own reality by what we think was written a long time ago when Paul said, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." The computer acronym GIGO applies here, too. Garbage in, garbage out is true for the brain as well as a computer. Proverbs 22:17 says that "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

I would like to dig into this some more. I hesitate to recommend What the Bleep, but at the same time, I think we all need to flesh this out. I am reading Joel Osteen's book and he says, "It is time to think about what we think about." He asserts that if you think negatively, your life will be negative and vice-versa. Could it be that our brains are so powerful as to literally change the temperature of our existence? When Jesus spoke to the winds and the waves, was it a quantum miracle?

Is faith really just an exercise of quantum power? Did God make it that way?

Is the power to bless or curse with words another example of quantum mechanics at work?

Many questions. At any rate, I must flesh this out. I'll be the guy in the library hunched over the Steven Hawkings section.


Rick said…
did the prophets of the OT simply foreknow the coming Messiah, or did they somehow predestine those things to take place.

if they hadn't said it, would He have still come in the way He came?

Todd said…
Exactly! It does give rise to such questions.
James said…
My reason for avoiding the film when it came out was that the filmmakers and all the "scientists" interviewed were members of the Ramtha School Of Enlightenment. To what extent was the "science" influenced by the cult that produced the film? (Or by the 30,000-year-old warrior god for that matter?)

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