In Memoriam

Last night the world of professional wrestling lost one of the truly great ones. Eddie was one of my favorites. I have shared the ring with his older brother, Hector. I never met Eddie personally, but Hector shared with me how Eddie's faith in Jesus Christ was the driving force of his life. WWE is not a Christian organization by a long shot, but I took great comfort that there were sheep amidst the wolves like Eddie Guerrero. His life and career were an inspiration. Wrestling will never be the same without him.


During his ECW days he put on a series of matches with Dean Malenko (talk about a dream match!), this was the first I had ever seen either of them. I watched in awe as Eddie jumped from the ring to give Dean a splash (half way down the aisle!!!!!), I had heard of his conversion to Christ. I wonder if there'll be wrestling in heaven?
He really didn't start to take off until the last year or so, after spending so many years in obscurity and mid-card status. What a waste of talent! Who would you say is some of the biggest wasted talents of any era? Al Snow is one that comes to mind. Louis Spiccoli (sp?) is another mainly because he died too young. Chris Candido is another for the same reason and bad gimmicks.

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