A Proud Parent Moment

My 12 year old son, Cody, is a 7th grader who does high school math and college level reading. Talking to him is like talking to a very smart grown up, and yet he is still very much a kid. He loves the Lord. At a recent Acquire the Fire event, he went with the youth from our church (my firstborn is now in the youth group...AHHHHHH!!!!), and he gave his birthday money during the offering. The other teens couldn't figure out why he would do that. It was a $20 bill. Thank you, Lord, that my children are learning the joy of giving over receiving. To be honest, I was a bit surprised that he did that myself.

Now he has been tapped by Duke University because of his Homeschool Placement Test scores to participate in their TIP program www.tip.duke.edu.

He is the only one of my children who is homeschooled, and his mother (my ex-wife) and I have probably heard every reason not to do it. Both sides of Cody's family have all protested and told us how crazy it is to homeschool him. "He needs to be around other kids." Well, he is. I have 7 kids in my home. He is in the youth group at my church and his mother's church. He takes Karate. He was just too smart for public school. There, I said it. They were stifling his potential, so we decided to homeschool him.

Now he has Duke University schmoozing him at 12 years old.

To all of you who gave me crap about homeschooling Cody, I have only one intelligent thing to say:

THHHHHPPPPPPPTTTTT!!! (Apparently Cody's smarts were acquired from the maternal genes).

I'd always hoped he'd be a Gamecock or a Wisconsin Badger, but I'll take him being a Blue Devil, especially if they pay for his college!

I am so proud of you, son. I love you, and you will always be Daddy's boy!


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