Never just a haircut

One of my best friends is Angela Hill (see links section). She and her husband Tim are two people who fall under my "Solid Gold" category. Back in the day, she was just my hairstylist. Now she is a budding Christian Country Superstar. I will not try to tell Angela's testimony here, but it is a powerful one. Go to her link. Her music really tugs the heartstrings of the downtrodden and brokenhearted.

Angela has been cutting my hair for 7 years, and whenever I go in, I never get just a haircut. Angela and her Mom, Fran, are a ministry team. Over the last 7 years I have been prayed for, prayed with, invited in to prayer, ministered to, rebuked, encouraged and blessed.

All for the price of a haircut.

Now my hairstylist is going to Nashville to perform at the CCMA Awards Nov. 5-10. I know that the Lord is gonna use Angela and that new opportunities will open for her. I have always known they would.

NowI am left with the dilemma of who's gonna cut my hair. I may just have to drive to Nashville for my bi-monthly tweak. Where else can I go to get a haircut, a blessing, and a song for one low price?

Angela, I am proud of you and excited about what's next.


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