Help me, Rhonda

I think that my views of Christian music of today are fairly well documented within the confines of my humble blog. I was in Christian Radio back in the 80s, and I did a lot of local singing. The songs of that day just seemed to challenge me more. Maybe I am just showing my age. But I have good news.

At long last, the winds of change seem to be blowing in the realm of Contemporary Christian Music! Allow me to introduce someone who I discovered on the web, Rhonda McCoy. She is a christian jazz singer out of Virginia. Visit my link section and check her out. Now! Go!

Welcome back! So what did you think? I have not recommended a Christian singer since the late Rich Mullins. However, it gives me great joy to present Rhonda to you. Those of you who live in my area will be treated to a visit by Mrs. McCoy as soon as I can work out the details. Meanwhile, go back and buy her CD.

A reviewer of her CD at called her the "Diana Krall" of Christian Jazz. That's major. Mrs. Elvis Costello is a staple in my regular CD playlist. She is now joined by Rhonda McCoy.


James said…
That you compare a Christian jazz singer with Krall is high praise indeed -- I must check her out!

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