Go, God!

This morning I baptized my sister's two sons. Both of my nephews are great. Justin is so athletic. He is 12, but I think if I provoked him enough, he could whip me. Jacob (Jake) is his younger brother, and the comic relief of the bunch. Jake is the life of every family gathering. In 1983 I watched as their mother got baptized. That was a proud happy moment in and of itself. I never thought I'd ever be baptizing her boys much less anyone else. I have had the privilege of baptizing 4 of my 7 kids and my wife. In a few weeks, I will have the honor of standing to baptize my stepfather, who has been more like a Dad to me than any man on this earth. I prayed for his salvation for 13 years. He was a tough nut to crack, but the Lord specializes in cracking us nuts. He and my Mom both attend church and now Sunday School. Go, God!

My sister's church has evidence of God all over it. The pastor is a man who I knew as a kid growing up. He was a wild one. You should've heard him preach today! Go, God!

I also saw a man there today I went to school with and played football with in middle school. This guy was a BAD kid. He was in trouble all the time and seemingly destined for jail or worse. A couple years ago God gloriously saved him and his wife. Now they are active in the church and their son helped with the baptism today. Go, God!

Then at the end of today's service, a young couple joined the church and got saved. You guessed it, another former schoolmate who was on the wild side. Go, God!

The rest of you wild tough nuts better look out; if you don't want to be gloriously saved and changed, stay away from Pastor Chris and my sister's church!

Go, God!


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