Daddy's Chair

There is a sacred place in my house. It is my chair. My recliner. My source of comfort and relaxation. No one can sit in it but me. I work for a living. I pay for everything, and all I ask for is this one chair...all to myself...all mine.

Yet every time I leave the room, someone is sitting in my chair. MY chair...MY world! It's MINE! I make the child get up, and remind them that there are other places to sit in the house, and that this chair is not one of them. Not for you, anyway. It's MINE!

Then it occurred to me. What if God, MY father, MY Daddy, kicked me out of His private place everytime I tried to get in it. I shed tears this morning over the thought of a loving, selfless, Heavenly Dad who welcomes me into His Most Holy Place anytime I want to come in. I can crawl in His recliner, watch the tube, eat my chips and look at Him and say, "Daddy, this is the life." My children have not had that privilege. I have not offered it to them.

They love me so much that they feel perfectly comfortable "invading" my personal space at anytime. In return, I kick them out. Not anymore.

Today, I am going to offer my chair to whoever wants it. Then I am going to wait on them hand and foot. Maybe we will have a family devotion tonight on Selflessness.

I still love my chair and the comfort it brings. But I have a brand new outlook and perspective. "Daddy's Chair" is for everyone to enjoy, and so is Daddy.

Thanks, Father...I mean, Daddy.


mothy said…
The Holy of Holies is one place, but the throne of God is another. KICK 'EM OUT!!!

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