Before Heaven

I have always wanted to make a list of things I wanna do before I die. My motto is, "Get busy living!" It is taken from The Shawshank Redemption, one of my favorite films. The defining moment for me was the line, "You have two choices, get busy living or get busy dying." At the time, I was going through a separation and divorce, and so I decided to get busy LIVING.

Here is just a partial list of things I wanna do before I expire (hopefully no time soon):

1) Own another Harley. I miss my bike.
2) Put my wife on the back of said Harley and ride with no worries and no hurry to get home.
3) Jump out of an airplane. Yes, with a parachute.
4) Go to New York City and just hang out for a few days.
5) Go to Las Vegas to catch Manilow's show.
6) Be financially independent...SOON!
7) Be buff. Why not? I have been average with extra padding long enough.
8) Win the WFJ US Heavyweight title.
9) Take my family to Disney World.
10) Increase my net worth to $500,000 by 2008. A bit lofty, but why not?

Remember, dear reader, you have two (2) choices: get busy living or get busy dying.

Make your lists!


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