Am I famous?

Last night was huge. That's the best word I can come up with. After a long time of sitting in the pew, I was put back in the pulpit last night at my church. I preached like it was my last time. I preached on hell from Luke 16:19-31 and Mark 9:42-ff. God's favor was with me, and I received another unexpected miracle.

My 15 year old son Steven received Jesus Christ last night. Oh, how his mother and I have been praying for him.

Thank you Jesus, that his name is now written in Your book of life. Thank you, Pastor Dave, for sharing the pulpit with me. Thank you, church family, for being there and loving me anyway.

After the service, people were lined up to speak to me and express their gratitude for the message. My daughter Katie tapped me on the side and motioned for me to bend down so she could whisper in my ear. She very earnestly asked, "Daddy, are you famous?"

Not in this world, Katie, but I think I made news in Heaven last night! Thank You, Lord.

P.S. No casualties from the weekend. We all survived and Mom had a great women's retreat.


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Your little emoticon means a great deal, bro.

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