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A New Attitude

My, my...since last post things sure have turned around. I am not nearly as depressed as I was back in November. So much has happened, not all good. The main thing is that I am rediscovering the joy of my relationship with Jesus. I have suffered much loss these last two years, yet I have gained so much more. My pastor keeps telling me that God has such wonderful plans for me and my wife. What if He doesn't? Does God's love HAVE to culminate in some ministry job? I don't care if I ever preach again. I am content in just knowing Him and loving Him. I literally depend on Him every moment of the day. Especially when I am behind the wheel. I'm much more relaxed now while driving, but please don't pull out in front of me and then slow down. You may get the high sign! :o)

Thank you, Jesus, for everything. I never thought I'd utter those words again. I love you, and You are my everything.