Monday, October 20, 2008

De-Pressurizing and Re-Discovering

The melee began as usual, on my knees, fixing a machine in the QA area. A co-worker who had recently suffered a stroke came to me and said, "Todd your face is awfully red; do you have blood pressure issues?" I replied, "It's possible." So she advised me to go to the security office and let them check my BP. I was not aware that they were so equipped, so off I went.

First reading: 194/121; second reading: 191/112; third reading: 192/117. Security officer says, "Todd, I'll be right back." Within seconds, the "First Response" crew at Flextronics was surrounding me, offering to call me an ambulance and hook me up to some oxygen. Feeling my bp slip up another couple points, I insisted that I felt ok and that my doctor was just down the road. Before I left, however, they gave me a brief dissertation and family history of their own issues with BP and BP meds, sending my systolic up 2 more notches. I thanked them and my boss for allowing me to drive myself to the doctor. Doctor prescribed BP meds, told me to go home and rest all weekend (bummer), and see a cardiologist.

Today, after a weekend of attempted R & R, I spent 1/2 the day at the SC Heart Center. Over the next few weeks, I will be undergoing many tests to determine the exact cause of my hypertension, which I already know are work-related. But since I have medical insurance, I figured I would allow them to poke and prod at will and run as many expensive tests as they deem necessary.

Changing the subject, on Saturday I went to Family Christian Bookstores with Tracy. Those who know me well know of my disdain for the "big business" of Christianity. Stuff's cheaper at Wal-Mart. I went in anyway. I browsed the music section and discovered three amazing things:

1) It has been 20 years since the release of Amy Grant's Lead Me On. Jay, Rick, and myself have many special memories at WQXL surrounding the original release. The live concert was one for the books, eh, fellers?

2) I saw that my musical hero, Paul Smith, released a new CD in 2006, and I had no idea. I am so out of touch with Christian music, which brings us to number 3:

3) Other than Amy Grant and the Smiths, Paul and Michael W., I was not familiar with ANYONE in today's Christian Music culture. I was once an encyclopedia of facts, song lyrics, and John Fischer articles in CCM Magazine. Today, nothing. Nada. Zilch. What was I talking about...?

Well, there you have it. You are now up to date, and I have been restricted to rest until Thursday. Maybe I will blog some more. Lots I want to catch up on.
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