Random Ruminating...Again

  • Olivia Newton-John is still a babe.
  • No female singer holds a candle to Streisand.
  • The Who have posted their US tour dates. Atlantic City anyone?
  • Since Ric Flair retired, I have had no desire to watch televised wrestling.
  • Boston's song, "More Than A Feeling" always provokes a tear or two. Good times!
  • I may very well be addicted to the X-Files. My imaginary shrink is exploring this with me.
  • I miss my dog Levi.
  • Having no grandparents is very sad.
  • I actually subscribed to PC World.
  • I have not worked out this week. Not once. Haven't been feeling well this week.
  • Would trade anything for the opportunity to redo the last 25 years.
  • Are atheists spiritual people?
  • Ok...that'll do.

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