Monday, January 21, 2008

Not Much to Say, Not Much Time

Work has been very busy in a good way. The job I do requires quite a bit of thinking and rationalizing. I am happy that my idle mind is given little room to roam. Perhaps senility will be pushed back a few more years.

I am sad beyond words that the Packers blew their chance at another Super Bowl. Needless to say, and no offense to anyone, football season is now officially over for me. I have high hopes that the Pack will be back next season.

I have been learning about giving grace rather than receiving it lately. It hurts. It is much harder than I care to admit. Loving God and loving others is a tall order at times.

To my blogger pals, I continually enjoy keeping up with everyone through the blogosphere. I hope for a day when we can fellowship face to face.
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