Lordy, Lordy and Greenbeans

Two of my pals made history this year.

George has joined the "I'm-40-but-I-can-still-kick-your-butt club," and, at long last, Alan has crafted a blog.

Combined, these two gents have made me laugh more than any human beings in the history of, well...human beings. All I can say is, you had to be there!

"Toilet Paper!"


"Sound the adjutant's call!"

"Silver dollar!"

"You eat dirt Moe!"

"George Bradley has hemorrhoids."

"Dern! Who farted!"

"Look! Catoe has his towel in his pants!"

Again, you had to be there. I WAS there, and I will always treasure George and Alan in my own, nutty sort of way. Thanks, Dooks.

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