Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday's blog post was fraught with controversy. I generated 7 comments, which is more than I have ever had in one day. Even my cousin Ben from Milwaukee chimed in (Go Packers!).

I confess that some of what I posted was placed there strategically. I just wanted to see how many folks actually read this thing. I would like to thank everyone who commented, and I hope that you do not feel duped.

I would now like to clear the air on a couple of points:

  • I am not supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. I would not support her for President of the Glee Club. I am as of yet uncertain about who I like for President. I kind of like Fred Thompson, but only because he was so cool in Die Hard 2. Hardly a reason to support a man as leader of the free world. Although President Reagan was very cool in Knute Rockne: All American and he restored hope and patriotism to our generation as President. Food for thought...?

  • I do like Sean Penn's work very much, but I was exaggerating when I referred to him as the "Best actor of my generation." Hey bud...I was kidding!

The rest of what I said holds true for now. However, I have learned to be flexible and teachable. I certainly do not hold all of the answers in life and I try to learn new things and new ways of looking at old things. One thing I do know is that no matter how you look at it, the Word of God is always true and relevant.

Once again, my thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. I enjoy blogging, and I appreciate this forum and the ability to enjoy it with friends and family.

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