What the...?

According to my Star Trek calendar, courtesy of James, it is January. Yet when I step outside, it is July. This weather has been the only consistent gripe that I have about SC, other than rush hour traffic. At one time, I considered moving back up north just so I could actually live in a place that has four seasons. Ironically when I visited Wisconsin in November, the weather was warm. Before I arrived, they were calling for snow. When I left, they were calling for snow. While I was there, I wore shortsleeves. I packed all sweaters and warm clothes for my trip, and ended up having to wear the shirt I left SC wearing.

South Carolina is a great place to live and raise a family. The rich history and beauty of this place is unrivaled. I just wish that we could have winter. I am a yankee. Yankees need cold now and then. Today it is raining and in the 70s. It looks to be like this for a few days. Welcome to the "armpit" of the south.

On a more positive note, President Bush is planning to announce his Iraq strategy "sometime next week." Not a moment too soon, I'm sure.

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