Friday, September 22, 2006

Trust 2

My post generated some rather lively comments from a pal, but offline, a few people who read my blog have shared that it hit home for them. So what to do with this struggle of trusting God. In no way will these thoughts encapsulate God's magnificent character, but it does give a snapshot of what I am learning about my Heavenly Father.
  • Rick is right. My real question is not why God doesn't answer prayer, but why He answers the way He does. Sometimes I just blog what I am thinking, before I really think about it. It comes down to what I want vs. what God wants, and He will always win that battle. It is not mine to win.
  • Prayer is not simply asking God for what you want and hoping that you get it, like a Christmas list. The word "pray" comes from old English, and it means "to ask." The Greek word that is translated prayer (a big word, too) literally means "to stretch out." The picture here is of a person stretching out trying to reach God. That is what real prayer consists of. Spurgeon once said that "The goal of prayer is the ear of God." When my children were small, they would reach up with their arms indicating the need to be picked up and held. When I picked them up they were closer not only to my ear, but my heart as well. That is the kind of prayer life worth striving for.
  • When God doesn't answer prayer the way I want, could it be that He is trying to show me that what I really want is Him? Even if the Packers are having a bad season, it doesn't affect who and Whose I am.
  • Bottom line (at least for this humble post): What I want is not always what is best, even though sometimes it may seem so to me. My problem is that I enjoy getting my own way. Submitting to the will of God is not always convenient, but it is always the right thing to do, because He is always right.

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