Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weak one, day two

I'm tired. My head still hurts. My mind is not as sharp as it has been in days gone by. Mainly due to fatigue, I'm sure.

Today I finally unpacked all the boxes I had taken into my office. With great joy, I loaded all of the empty cardboard clutter in my truck to take to the local solid waste station. As I reached for my keys I realized that they were still on my desk...that's right...inside the locked church.

God bless "Aunt Helen," the faithful church pianist, for living a short distance from the church, and for having a key with which she graciously let me in. I am happy to report that she did not laugh at me (at least not to my face).

For some reason I am reminded of an incident that happened back in 1988 while I was a deejay at WQXL, a Christian radio station in Columbia. A Sandi Patti song was playing and I was in the mail room at the other end of the building. Suddenly, the song ended. Apparently this was the short version. With the speed of a three-legged cat in a pack of dogs (strangely cruel metaphor), I rushed to the control room, turned on the mike, and muttered something while breathing heavily, and managed to play the next song. My then co-worker and lifelong pal, Rickwell, immediately called to make sure I was ok. He was my only listener, as I recall. He did not laugh at me least not to my face.

Can't WAIT for tomorrow!
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