Monday, October 03, 2005

Fresh Air, Breaking Wind

One of my old SBC buddies posted a blog bashing women preachers. To imply that someone like Joyce Meyer is not in her right place in ministry is just arrogant. The Bible DOES speak of female deacons and prophetesses. How can we claim to "rightfully divide" God's Word and insert our own prejudices? I am beginning to suspect that the SBC hates women.

How can you not like Joyce Meyer? My wife is reading a JM book right now and has turned three other ladies onto it. It is changing their lives. According to my SBC friend, it is OK for the ladies to read it and be taught, but if I read it, then that is not biblical.

I am no Bible scholar, and I do not feel like delving into a dissertation in defense of women in the pulpit. But I will offer this:

Joyce Meyer's book has been a breath of fresh air into my wife's spiritual walk. I see the difference in her life. Why is it that anytime the Lord has breathed Fresh Air into my life over the years, the powers-that-think-they-be in the good ol' SBC try to pollute that fresh air with the flatulence of their own pseudo-theological, politically motivated, denominational bigotry?

To insist that God can't do something or use someone because it clashes with our predilections and/or denominations no doubt chokes out the sweet aroma in God's nostrils with something more foul and offensive than anything I've ever experienced in an elevator full of quiet people.

To me, the whole thing just stinks.
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